Our company's history is deeply rooted in creating innovative products. As we continue to innovate, we look towards the future and the world we will live in. Leading a wave of responsibility, we've remained committed to protecting, preserving and enhancing the environment that allows us to call our South Florida community paradise.

With donations to national charities, community development and academic programs, including our own Marware Montessori Academy for children, we do our part in contributing to organizations that promote a cleaner, more responsible lifestyle. We are also one of the leaders in environmentally-safe manufacturing procedures, resulting in a line of eco-friendly accessories and packaging that helps reduce our carbon footprint. As Marware continues to grow, we will continue to embrace the environment and drive change in the industry through constant and never-ending improvement in everything we do.
STARTING A WAVE OF RESPONSIBILITY, Marware remains committed to using innovative production processes that are environmentally friendly wherever possible. As a part of our effort, we have developed a line of ECO products and packaging that utilize innovative, eco-friendly materials and production processes. We will continue to innovate, develop and do our part to help significantly reduce our impact on the environment. At Marware, we are committed to providing innovative and affordable products that create customers for life, promote environmental awareness and enhance the communities we serve.

Thank you for visiting Marware.com. Join us in promoting a cleaner, greener tomorrow. Together, we can make a difference. Please recycle!